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Wood Folding Doors by Luxbaum


     Welcome to WoodFoldingDoors.com, a micro site dedicated to Luxbaum Window + Doors' line of Custom Solid-Wood Folding Door Systems.

     Each folding door that we create is built from select pieces of merbau, a species of wood with unmatched strength and durability. Each door is built using the finest european hardware. The result is a folding door built to an unparalleled level of quality and strength. Each door is Miami-Dade county approved for large missile impact, and built to exceed the standards of these tests. A folding door system is a significant investment. We honor the investment our clients make with a 5 year service and maintenance plan.

Award Winning Design

     Our solid wood folding door system was given the Crystal Achievement Award from Window and Door Magazine. Awarded in 2009, the award was given to us for the "Most Innovative Door" of the year. This prestigious award recognized our folding door system for its innovative features and design.

     Designed by Laszlo Wagner, based on his own 35+ years of experience building high end custom residences in the hurrican prone region of South Florica, our system offers you a unique blend of features developed on years of experience.

Browse through this micro site, and also please visit luxbaum.com to view our complete product line.

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